Zuill Bailey

Zuill Bailey

There are many ways to celebrate Bach musically, and if you're a cellist, you probably thank your lucky stars every day for the Bach Cello Suites. He wrote six suites, and like most cellists, Zuill Bailey calls them the "cellists' Bible." He says the best to way to introduce each suite is to listen to the clues Bach passes on in the First Movement of each Suite.

Cellist Zuill Bailey plays all six of Bach's Cello Suites on his new CD "Bach Cello Suites". He says he chose to make the complete recording in one shot. "That's two CDs, that's six suites, 36 movements." Recording the Suites required eight days of constant playing, and experience where he says, "there's something hallucinogenic that happens in your brain after(wards) - it's like a marathon truly."

The music heard here is the Bach Cello Suite No. 3 - Prelude (Telarc #31978).

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