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How Stations Use Virtuoso Voices

Creatively enhance their introduction to a piece of music with a specific performer

Incorporate a clip into the forward promotion of a performer and recording coming up later in the hour or day

Expand and strengthen station imaging and branding messages

Feature one performer’s recordings throughout a week or month.  Stations enhance the presentation by adding clips by the featured performer

Creatively promote an artist performing at a local venue

Add audio content to their web site (including the performer fundraising spots)

Station Recommendations for Getting Started

a. Start with one clip -- pick your favorite one.  Choose a day to use it along with the music that will work with that clip.  Use a different clip once a week to get a feel for each element – clip content, music and scheduling.

b. When programming music, see if the performer you have chosen has a Virtuoso Voices™ clip.  (Refer to the Performer List.)

c. When you program a well-known work, rather than tell the familiar story, have a performer tell that story – or a different story.  (For example, Stephen Hough on the Rachmaninoff “Rhapsody”; Joshua Bell on the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto)

Or introduce a performance with a Virtuoso Voices clip that is not music specific.  For example, introduce a Murray Perahia performance with his updated view on practicing; violinist Julia Fischer defends her 20-something generation and a young person’s ability to play “mature” repertoire by Brahms and Tchaikovsky.

d. Feature one performer over a week of programming and use Virtuoso Voices™ clips to enhance the presentation and connection to the featured performer.

e. Enhance birthday mentions of performers and composers by adding a VV clip.

f. Several stations enter the performer / audio clip information into their music programming software – both as a way of cataloging the clips (by artist and subject) and to search for clips to accompany their programming

Avoid clutter and potentially long breaks

In advance of your shift, rearrange elements on the Studio Log to free up a break where a VV clip can be inserted.

Outline and map out your Virtuoso Voices break in advance to ensure a logical order and flow of each break element. For example,

2:20 pm Break Outline

Back Announce
ID and Forward Promo Bach / Sibelius
UW - Swedish Motors
M. Perahia Clip Intro - Play MP Clip
Intro Perahia Bach English Suite

Here are three resources for quick and helpful information for including VV clips during your air shift.

1.  Listen to how stations currently use VV clips on the air on the HOME page.

2.  Each Virtuoso Voices CD contains an embedded Word document that shows how to set up each clip on the air and recommends recordings to use after each clip.

3.  Refer to the Performer List to see the complete list of performers and clip subjects.  Audition clips by the artists that interest you and pick a few clips that fit your program and audience.


A complete description of Virtuoso Voices™ is available on the Program Description page.

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